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ICYMI: Two EPIC Videos from Recent Apple Events

Yes it is now December, so this post may seem less-than timely. We realize that Apple's annual World Wide Developer Conference was way back in June. We missed posting on the blog about that amazing week, although we did get some retweets and reposts out on social media. The September Event at Steve Jobs Theater in the new Apple Headquarters also eluded mention on this blog. So admittedly, we are once again, behind on the blog for the second half of the year. What's new, right? We have big plans for this coming year, and 2019 will be "The Year of the Blog." Just wait, you'll see. Winking

Two notable videos originated from these two events and we'd like to share them with you here.

The first video we LOVE is the from WWDC in June, and is narrated in a style reminiscent of BBC's Planet Earth series. It chronicles the massive annual migration of a herd … of developers.

The second AWESOME video opened the September Event. It starts off like a spy thriller, with a recognizable music score - the theme to Mission: Impossible. An Apple employee is apparently tasked as a courier for a very special briefcase, and she is running (literally) out of time.

We hope you enjoy these two videos are much as we have. Apple has a long history of clever and creative videos and ad campaigns, the most well-known of which may be the Think Different campaign in the late 1990s, and the Mac vs. PC campaign in early 2000s.

Do you have a favorite Apple video or TV Ad? Please share in the comments below!
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