A Blast from the Past

When I saw William Shatner in this little nugget from the archives of the AT&T Tech Channel, posted by Engadget, my first thought was "wow look how far we've come."

Then, a stray synapse fired, and I had a flashback to my high school days: a Navy recruiter, in a bid to convince me and my buddies that he was offering not just a job but an adventure, showed us a video of good ol' Cap'n Kirk presenting the advanced technology of our submarine fleet. I'm still trying to find that one on YouTube!

The AT&T/Bell Labs video discussing the implications of the microprocessor runs about 14 minutes. A subtle PR video in 1976 (slightly revised in 1980), it's entertaining today but has a certain educational value, as well. ~ Davis
Editor’s note 10.3.2014: since the original post in March 2011, some of the above links no longer work, but the AT&T Tech Channel is also on YouTube. Gotta love those sound effects!

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