ICYMI: Two EPIC Videos from Recent Apple Events

Two notable videos originated from Apple's WWDC 2018 in June and the September Event, and we'd like to share them with you. Read More...

On This Day 2015: ACMT Training at ESPN Concludes

You should strongly consider hiring the IT consultant who trained technicians in ESPN's IT department.

FAQ: How do I free up space on my iPhone?

Rather than reinventing the wheel, let's just share Apple Support's video here:

Apple Holiday Ad 2017

Apple’s continues the tradition of awesome holiday ads. This season features the song “Palace” by Sam Smith http://apple.co/SamSmithPalace.


Great new video features "The Rock" and Siri

Apple has been running an ad campaign for the iPhone 7 all summer, the latest is a video featuring Siri’s interactions with actor Dwayne Johnson. From Apple’s YouTube channel: “You should never, ever, under any circumstances, underestimate how much Dwayne Johnson can get done in a day with Siri. Follow the world’s busiest actor and Siri as they dominate the day.”


WWDC 2016 Redux

macOS Sierra is awesome.
Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference took place last week in San Francisco’s Moscone Center, with kick-off keynote at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. Every summer, developers from around the globe convene at WWDC to hone their skills in programming for Apple's mobile and desktop platforms. This is also a time to take a peek at what new things will be coming out in the Apple universe, with expected releases in the early to mid fall. While usually a software event, new hardware can be a anticipated based on the exciting new software capabilities discussed in the keynote address. New hardware products to match up with new software discussed at the keynote, are typically announced in the September-October timeframe. Here are the highlights for this year's WWDC keynote:

macOS Sierra
The name of the new operating system for Mac desktops and portables will be “Sierra,” but the notable change is the word in front of the mountain. A few years ago, Apple dropped the “Mac” from “Mac OS X” and the operating system was then “OS X.” Now, the “X” is dropped, bringing the nomenclature in-line with the other product names. Check out Macworld.com’s macOS Sierra FAQ.

iOS 10
Lots of improvements and new features, including enhanced messaging, photos, voicemail transcription, just to name a few. Checkout this slideshow from Macworld.com.

Yes the Apple watch has it’s own operating system. The latest version includes more customization, an dthe ability to be “tetherless,” meaning it can connect to open Wi-Fi networks without needing to connect to your iPhone first. Check out Techradar’s Apple Watch OS 2: everything you need to know.

That little AppleTV box is pretty smart, and about to get smarter, with Siri voice commands, just like your iPhone and iPad, single sign-in for all your video streaming accounts (similar to Keychains in macOS), and apps! Check out iMore.com’s tvOS first look: Taking AppleTV to the next level.

Of note…
Among the many other points on the WWDC agenda, the upgrades to Apple’s HomeKit API caught our eye, promising exciting things in home automation and security. Not only will AppleTV have control of HomeKit enabled devices, but also video camera support has been added. All HomeKit devices will be controlled thru a new Home app. Check out this story from CNET: New connected cameras will help Apple expand its reach in the smart home's door.

In case you missed it, here is the full video of Apple’s WWDC 2016:

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