Apple to end Back To My Mac iCloud Service

Back to My Mac will not be available on macOS Mojave. You can get ready now by learning about alternatives for file access, screen sharing, and remote desktop access.

Review: Cloud-Based Backup Services

From the Editor:
Considering the impending demise of MobileMe's iDisk and rising popularity of cloud services, I have been researching options for both my company and my clients. As one could expect, some solutions will be better at one thing than the other. In a recent conversation with a colleague, I learned that he was looking into the same solutions that I was, for the users he supports. My colleague has tested several available Mac-and-PC-compatible services, and wrote up a summary report from the standpoint of cloud-backup. He has allowed me to share it with you. Please welcome our first guest blogger: my friend Andrew Holowka! Read More...

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